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Welcome to Sexy Gamer Girl Reviews!   Your host, Kyra, will be reviewing Video Games, Anime and Comic Books from a girl's perspective.  But don't assume that "girl's perspective" is going to be all Unicorns and Faeries!  Kyra is an elite gamer who PWNS the toughest guys!  And Kyra is the real deal!  She is not just some model, hired by a corporation to look pretty and bubbly while reading a script and not knowing what she is saying.  Kyra has been gaming since she could walk and has been active in MMORPG and online console battling since they became available.


Game Review 2: Shadow of the Colossus on PS2 (2/14/2011)

Shadow of the Colossus  Kyra reviews an oldie from the PS2 by Team ICO, Shadow of the Colossus.

Anime Review 1: Jyu Oh Sei: Planet of the Beast King (2/13/2011) 

Planet of the Beast King

  Kyra reviews an anime by Funimation, Jyu Oh Sei: Planet of the Beast King.

Game Review 1: Assassin's Creed (1/4/2010)

Assassin's Creed game review  Kyra reviews Assassin's Creed on XBOX 360.